Fuel Polishing System

Wasp Pure Fuel System



WASP PFS (Pure Fuel Systems) Ltd invent, design and manufacture customised fuel filtration equipment and fuel additives, including the innovative fuel polishing systems and absolute polishing products.



When you rely on uninterrupted back up power in case of a mains power failure, an engine for your truck, yacht, bus or tractor, or whatever you need your diesel/EN590 fuel for, it is essential the stored fuel to power your generator remains clean to prevent complete power failure.

The results of complete power failure depend on the industry, it could for example be a cost of millions of pounds in a data centre, a loss of all chilled food stored in a supermarket, power failure on a marine vessel or devastatingly a cost of lives in a hospital. Fuel could be stored for months to years without being used. In that time, fuel can become contaminated with the likes of water and bacteria, resulting in engine failure or damage.

In the case of a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), when a power cut does happen, the backup system fails to work leaving a complete loss of power and possible devastating consequences.

Marine vessels or boats can also be affected when refueling in countries without strict fuel specifications. Any water or contamination in the fuel can cause engine issues.